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OP-15112 \5,000

This product is a brush-up of the first receiver device [Chevalier Trace] in the Chevalier series, which is popular for its "large capacity," "low resistance," and "high efficiency."
Equipped with a newly designed circuit, the output characteristics and response speed have been improved.
In addition, the shape adopts a relay system equipped with both male and female connectors that enable flexible connection.
This allows for a variety of mounting (※) without using the RX port.

※ Installation example
"Between ESC and receiver (recommended)", "Between gyro and servo", etc.

[Effects and features]

  • When this product is installed, the feeling of ground contact of the vehicle body will be enhanced, the posture holding force during cornering, and the stability at the time of starting a corner will be improved, so more aggressive throttle work will be possible.
  • The steering servo responds more torquefully and quickly to the gyro command.
  • It is more effective not only during normal driving but also during pursuit.
トレイス ベクター【Trace BECTOR】


Dimensions / Weight H14.0 × W26.0 × D11.0 [mm] (Does not include protrusions)/ weight 9.2g(Including cable)
Chevalier BLAZE NEW

OP-15103 \7,800

This product is equipped with a significantly evolved surge control circuit in addition to the highest class output characteristics in the Chevalier series.

It is a high-power capacitor that reduces the rough feeling when the rotation rises and achieves both smooth feeling and torque increase.

In addition to the high efficiency and high power characteristics unique to the Chevalier series, by improving the grounding feeling of the RC car, A powerful and controllable drive feeling has been achieved.

シュバリエ ブレイズ 【Chevalier BLAZE】


Dimensions / Weight 29(W)× 22(D)× 12(H)mm / 16 g (The cable and the projection part are excluded.)
Chevalier TRACE

OP-15063 ¥3,200

Chevalier with a reputation for high efficiency and high power characteristics. This is the first device for receivers in the series.
Of course, we inherit "big capacity" "low resistance" which is the biggest feature of the same series.
Just by connecting this product to the empty port of the receiver improves the power supply capability from the receiver to the servo ・ gyro etc.

Solder work is absolutely unnecessary.

【Main features】

・Increase the grounding feel of the vehicle. It improves posture holding during cornering and stability when coming out of the corner.
・Steering will respond more directly to the signal from the gyro.
・・It is more effective in time up in the racing category, and even when you are going chasing under drifting.

【How to connect】

Plug in this device the empty port of the receiver. (Solder work is absolutely unnecessary.)
(The negative side will be a black cable, please note the orientation of the plug in because there is no effect if you reverse connection.)
※By installing the conventional Chevalier series in conjunction with ESC, voltage is more stable and high effect is demonstrated.


As the power supply from the receiver is stabilized by installing this product, the sensitivity of the gyro may be higher than before installation of this product.
In that case we recommend that you lower the gain value of gyro slightly.
Chevalier TRACE


Dimensions / Weight 20.5 x 13.0 x 7.0 mm (The cable and the projection part are excluded.) / 6g (The cable and the projection part are included.)
Stretch logo sticker NEW

OP-15104 \500

It is a sticker that uses an elastic material that is easy to stick even on curved surfaces, and includes a design logo with a edging line in addition to the conventional "ACUVANCE" logo design. (Mount size: A5 )

Stretch logo sticker


1 piece
Chevalier RAIZ

OP-15040 ¥7,200

Chevalier RAIZ is the next-generation capacitor which realized optimization of the battery performance by original technology [A.S.M.S.] first at the Chevalier series.

[A.S.M.S.] reduces unevenness of the output with solid differences and battery cell and is a function developed for the purpose of getting stable power feel by equalizing the output every cell more.

It fix the voltage descent pace of each cell and reduce deflection of the load, and only some cells reduce the electric discharge phenomenon that the voltage falls to too much near a cut off operating voltage.

Of course it succeeds to high efficiency, high power properties as the Chevalier series.

It investigates 2 concepts "Large-capacity" "low resistance" and suppresses the heat generation of motor battery, ESC and draws each ability to the maximum. Thereby it realized more powerful and natural response feeling at over all speed area.

Regardless of brush or brushless, (having use of boost/turbo or not), it is a progressive capacitor that showing a high effect in every category.

Chevalier RAIZ


Dimensions / Weight 30mm(W)×17mm(D)×8mm(H) / 10g (The cable and the projection part are excluded.)
Electronic Balancer COA 5G

OP-15034 ¥3,000

It is a device specialized in the rectification action of the electric current of the electronic equipment such as ESC, Battery and servo.

【Main Features】

  • Driver can get a feeling of powerful acceleration from mid speed to high speed zone, Chassis controllability will be improve, and the throttle feeling is more direct and dynamic.
  • It control a voltage change running by the stabilization action of the battery voltage.
Electronic Balancer COA 5G
  • Drift, On-road car, Off-road car,,,, It show the effect without being concerned with wireless unit or not, regardless of a category and vehicle size.
  • It is available regardless of a kind of the battery for the electric RC car.
  • Characteristic is different from ACTRON and the Chevalier series (capacitor), then each effect is got by using it together.
  • The effect of this product lasts semi-permanently.
  • When use it together with AIRIA, we recommend installation of the latest firmware.
  • Please connect this product to a battery terminals (Positive and Negative) of ESC via a solder.
  • The weight is 5g. (without cable part)
    It bring high synergy by being equipped with a multiple unit. It's an un precedent setting weight to make hyper running performance.


Dimensions / Weight 20mm(W)×10mm(D)×5mm(H)(The cable and the projection part are excluded.) / 5g
Photonic Stabilizer ACUTRON

OP-15033 ¥4,000

ACUTRON is the unprecedented tuned stabilizer which we developed [photoelectric effect theory] known as the physical field to.

【Main Features】

  • Improvement of the throttle response
  • Control performance gain by suppressing friction loss of a motor turn and the transmission part.
  • Stabilization of the power source output by the rectification between current and the charged removal function.
Photonic Stabilizer ACUTRON
  • ACUTRON is the product which we specialized for motor drive cars powered by battery
  • Drift, On-road car, Off-road car,,,,
    It show the effect without being concerned with wireless unit or not, regardless of a category and vehicle size.
  • It is available regardless of a kind of the battery for the electric RC car.
  • Characteristic is different from Chevalier series (capacitor), then each effect is got by using it together.
  • The effect of this product lasts semi-permanently.
  • Because this product uses electricity and an electron flowing backward by all means of the battery please be connected to negative side.



Dimensions / Weight 30mm(W)×10mm(D)×5mm(H)(The cable and the projection part are excluded.) / 5.5g
e-Joint Cable holder NEW

OP-15106 for 12 Guage / BLACK  ¥1,000
OP-15107 for 12 Guage / RED   ¥1,000
OP-15108 for 12 Guage / PURPLE  ¥1,000

An original cable holder that does not require tools.
The design has changed and it is now available in 3 colors.
It also has the effect of suppressing "cable vibration" that can cause the connector to come off while driving.

※This product is made for ACUVANCE cable.
※Even if the number of gauges is the same, the outer diameter of the cable may differ depending on the manufacturer.
Please note that it cannot be used for cables whose outer diameter does not match.

e-Joint Cable holder
e-Joint Cable holder
e-Joint Cable holder


1 piece for each
Cable holder

OP-15006(for 12 Guage)¥600
OP-15007(for 14 Guage)¥600

  • It is a cable holder made of aluminum to organize motor / battery cable in parallel beautifully.
    It does not use a tool at all and can easily fix it by sliding the top and bottom symmetric pieces.
    it is superior in design not to mention heat radiation characteristics by filtering black alumite processing.
    ※This product is made for ACUVANCE cable.
Cable holder
Cable holder
Cable holder
Cable holder


1 piece for each

Chevalier Series Super Capacitor

  • A structure that is totally different from previous capacitors. Amazing momentary large current charge/discharge capacity compensates for drops in battery voltage.
  • Virtually no internal deterioration due to charging and discharging (Theoretically semi-permanent use)
  • High-density silicon cable for leads provides high efficiency and shock resistance.
  • Though most capacitors are round, the small rectangular shape of the Chevalier makes it easier to mount it in between RC mechanisms or a greater degree of layout freedom.
Chevalier MASTER

OP-15009 ¥6,800

  • Chevalier series improves motor torque and MPG by momental charge and discharge. We evolved "Chevalier boost" corresponding to the transformation more in high current. It cope with a surge to be generated at the time of an electric current and a run at a moment at the time of the use of Boost/Turbo. It balance Large-capacity and low resistance, reduce time lag at a moment at the time of the throttle operation and show an extremely high effect in all speed area. In addition, it is effective for heat generation of ESC, motor and battery.
シュバリエ ブースト


Dimensions 29mm(W)×23mm(D)×8mm(H)(The cable and the projection part are excluded.)
Chevalier Turbo

OP-87210 ¥5,000

  • It is the output character which made much of the growth from mid speed to high speed area. It is effective for growth of the top speed.
シュバリエ ターボ


Dimensions 25mm(W)×19mm(D)×10mm(H)(The cable and the projection part are excluded.)
ChevalierDiscontinued Item

OP-82192 ¥5,000

  • Flat output characteristics provide better balance from low range speeds to high. This type of capacitor is great for a wide range of categories.


Dimensions 20mm(W)×15mm(D)×5mm(H)(Excluding cables and projections)
Chevalier DashDiscontinued Item

OP-84432 ¥6,500

  • The output characteristics of this capacitor are focused on low to mid-range torques. It increases the power sensitivity when accelerating from reduced speeds, which is particularly effective for a technical course with a large number of corners and for drifting.
Chevalier Dash


Dimensions 20mm(W)×15mm(D)×11mm(H)(The cable and the projection part are excluded.)
High-density Silicon Cable
  • High density suppresses electrical resistance for high efficiency.
  • Low resistance for less heat generation and minimization of efficiency loss during long-term use.
    *resistance and a drop in electrical efficiency.
  • Ultra-fin core wire makes the cable more flexible for easier wiring.
High-density Silicon Cable

【Silicon Cable Lineup】

12G Black Cable(100cm) OP-15116(One 100cm 12G black silicon cable) ¥1,850
13G Black Cable(100cm) OP-15117(One 100cm 13G black silicon cable) ¥1,650
12G Black Cable OP-75250(One 60cm 12G black silicon cable) ¥1,000
14G Black Cable OP-75251(One 60cm 14G black silicon cable) ¥600
12G Battery Cable(red×black) OP-73265(One 30cm 12G red silicon cable,One 30cm 12G black silicon cable) ¥1,000
12G Motor Cable(red×blue) OP-73266(One 30cm 12G red silicon cable,
One 30cm 12G blue silicon cable)
14G Battery Cable(red×black) OP-73267(One 30cm 14G red silicon cable,
One 30cm 14G black silicon cable)
14G Motor Cable(red×blue) OP-73268(One 30cm 14G red silicon cable,
One 30cm 14G blue silicon cable)
12G Battery Cable(pink×green) OP-33191(One 30cm 12G pink silicon cable,
One 30cm 12G green silicon cable)
12G Motor Cable(pink×bitter orange) OP-33192(One 30cm 12G pink silicon cable,
One 30cm 12G bitter orange silicon cable)
14G Battery Cable(pink×green) OP-33193(One 30cm 14G pink silicon cable,
One 30cm 14G green silicon cable)
14G Motor Cable(pink×bitter orange) OP-33194(One 30cm 14G pink silicon cable
One 30cm 14G bitter orange silicon cable)


Power Transmission Connector

OP-87342 Male 《L》 φ4.0mm L=18mm JPY 850-
OP-87343 Female 《L》 φ4.0mm L=14mm JPY 550-
OP-87344 Male 《S》 φ4.0mm L=14mm JPY 750-
OP-87345 Female 《S》 φ4.0mm L=10mm JPY 500-
OP-87512 Male 《S》 φ3.5mm L=14mm JPY 600-
OP-87513 Female 《S》 φ3.5mm L=10mm JPY 500-

  • We focused on dimensional accracy to minimize the cpntact resistance with gold plating.
    As a result a large current is efficientry transmitted.
    The female connector has a hexagonal prism shape that is easy to solder and has a horizontal slit.
    The male connector has a guide for easy soldering.
Power Transmission Connector
Power Transmission Connector


Main body 3pcs
Power Transmission Connector for Motor

OP-15001 Male φ3.5mm L=10mm JPY 750-
OP-15002 Female φ3.5mm L=10mm JPY 600-

  • The female connector is made a protruding structure for easy soldering with the motor terminal.
    As a result, the total length of the male connector is 10 mm.

Power Transmission Connector for Motor
Power Transmission Connector for Motor


Main body 3pcs
European Connector records out of production

OP-51670 ¥480

European connectors for the RAPIDA-C Series can be used as spare parts.
European Connector


Male Female 2 pieces for each
Noise Killer Copacitor

OP-51694 ¥600

This noise killer condenser is for motors that are equipped with products, and can be used as a spare part.
Noise Killer Condenser


Main body 3 pieces
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