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UPDATE for Each Product.


Firmware means software to control a circuit, the system of the product.

How to update Firmware.

  • What you need for updating

T Update Device kit. (OP-87052) *TAO II use attached USB cable.
U Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 32bit/64bit)

  • Update steps of the new firmware

@Install "the renewal tool" corresponding to each product in a PC than [renewal tool] in the bottom.
EOn the occasion of the installation of the update tool, please do not connect a product to a PC.
EThe installation to the PC of the update tool is only first time.

ANext step. Choose the latest firmware for your products from [firmware] and then, download it to a PC.

BFinally start "the renewal tool" which installed in Step@, and renew firmware according to a procedure of each tool.
By this work, you can use the latest product performance.
In addition, there is the procedure in the manual column of the renewal tool.

(Reference)When an operation method and a function are changed by update, download the latest instruction manual from here, and please use it.

  • Chart of the renewal work

A variety of software is prepared in an archive format.
Archiver software such as Lhaplus is required in order to use files in this format. Click here to download

Abode Reader

A variety of catalogs and instruction manuals are prepared as PDF files. Adobe Reader is required in order to use files in the PDF format. Click here to download

Depending on the environment, PDF files may take some time to download, so we recommend opening Adobe Reader once the file has been saved to disk. In Windows, right click the download button and select "Save File to Target".
*If the file cannot be downloaded, request a catalog by clicking here.

Update tool

Acuvance Update-168 Ver.1.0 (Release Date, August 26, 2013) TACHYON Download
  • For XARVIS / AIRIA / Ne-St
Acuvance Update Tool Ver.1.0 (Release Date, February 2, 2018) TACHYON AIRIA Download
  • Setup manual for update tool of XARVIS / AIRIA / Ne-St
Youfll need gOP-87052 Update device kith or gOP-15064 Update device kit Uh for update.
  • After download update tools for Tachyon/TAO or Tachyon AIRIA, about the actions to be taken of the case that a USB adapter does not start normally(LED does not vary from red to green)
When connect a device kit (USB adapter) for the first time, and a case not to start normally (the signal of "the USB adapter connection state" does not change as red),
an old driver may be installed. Please update the driver of the USB adapter according to contents after downloading with a procedure.
  • For TAO II
Acuvance V3.8 Ver.3.8 (Release Date, September 8, 2017) TAOⅡ Download
  • Setup manual for update tool of TAO II
Connect TAO II and PC with USB cable. (Do not need update device kit)
  • Actions to be taken when you cannot install a device driver even if you connect TAOII after installation with a renewal tool
When I connected TAOII for the first time, a PC may not recognize TAOII.
Please update a driver of TAOII according to the procedure of the coping method.


  • For XARVIS
0A.00.F0.11 Ver.3.0 (Release Date, April 11, 2018) TACHYON Download

mUpdate contents of Ver.3.0n
EBy connecting the Brain unit (TAO II All-in-One Package Accessory or OP-15012) and XARVIS using Airlink Adapter (OP-15065), wireless two - way communication with TAO II became possible as with AIRIA.
EFor protection of E.S.C. and motor, AIRIA and XARVIS have programmed to gently limit the output at over 90,000 rpm. However In response to the recent expansion of user requests for demand for "Lev-Up in high revolution" and the use ratio of XARVIS exclusive high efficiency FAN (shipping ratio of our company) exceeded 70%, we have canceled the ultra high revolution control program only for XARVIS.
Along with this, we changed the output characteristic to a torque feeling from a medium speed to a high speed.
You can feel the driving with the elongation in the high speed ~ ultra high speed range than ever.
[Caution] Traveling beyond 100,000 rpm will place a high load on the ESC and the motor.
When using, we recommend that you enjoy it in combination with BS Dual / AGILE motor in addition to installing XARVIS dedicated FAN unit.

mUpdate contents of Ver.2.0n
EIt corresponds to program controller "Ne-St". (You can continue using TAO II even after updating.)
EThrottle tracking performance has been improved by torque up in the middle and high speed range.
EFixed a protect program that forcibly stops the circuit when a specific noise signal is detected.

  • For XARVIS y for Futaba S.BUS z

|@Please use this firmware when doing XARVIS setting change etc. with Futaba transmitter.@|

0F.00.F1.05 Ver.F1.05 iRelease Date, May 22, 2019j XARVIS Download

mUpdate contents of Ver.F1.05n
EThe braking force was increased when the brake was suddenly applied.
EIt is firmware to perform various setting data transmission / reception, data log function same as TAO II via Futaba radio system.
EData transmission / reception via TAO II (wired / wireless) and data storage function can also be used. (But, the data log function by TAO II can not be used)
EProgram controller [Ne-St] also supports.
Since XARVIS has only one Link terminal, please change the cable when replacing the S. BUS Adapter / TAO II / Air Link Adapter (wireless specification) / Ne-St.
ERunning performance is based on Firmware Ver. 3.0 for XARVIS including high rotation control program.

The forward / reverse processing of the throttle signal is opposite from the conventional XARVIS firmware.
Therefore, be sure to change the throttle mode of the transmitter to the mode opposite to the mode used in the conventional XARVIS firmware.
Ex : When used throttle in reverse mode with XARVIS Ver. 3.0 Switch throttle to normal mode.

Therefore, when updating, please carry out with the tire floating from the ground. Because the neutral point is displaced due to the update and the motor may suddenly rotate.
Please make initial setting of throttle position (Jarvis Owner's Manual P.6) again twice after completion of update.

USince the setting data (user memory) saved in the XARVIS is reset by updating,
Please enter the setting data again.
(If you have TAO II, we recommend that you save the setting data in TAO II before updating.)

  • For Ne-St
0B.10.F1.04 Ver.04 (Release Date, March 8, 2019) TACHYON Download

In Ne-St [Ver. 04], 17 types are updated from the previous version, including setting data for OD Factory Tuned Spec. Brushless Motor Ver.3 - 6.5T, created by Mr. YODO of limited company WELD. The latest setting data actually used by expert drivers in each category, all 20 types are preset.


Installation of the firmware of either (For TAO or For TAO II) is necessary to use the AIRIA.
In AIRIA installing firmware for exclusive use of TAO, it can't use TAO II.
In AIRIA installing firmware for exclusive use of TAO II, it can't use TAO.
But, please install firmware for exclusive use of one of either as needed because a change of these firmware is possibility.

iExclusive firmware for TAOj
B108121.kyc(0b.10.81.21) Ver.3.1 (Release Date, September 25, 2013) TACHYON AIRIA Download

It smoothed off a throttle response in the super low speed.

iExclusive firmware for TAO IIj
B10f016.kyc(08.10.F0.16) Ver.4.3 (Release Date, August 9, 2016) TACHYON AIRIA Download

We added new adjustment item about the throttle feeling, also, It is update firmware to cope with TAO II after Ver1.4, the convenience greatly improved when you make a brain unit and pairing.
To version up of TAOII, please carry out the update of AIRIA by all means.
(You cannot use an additional function of TAO II Ver.1.4 without update AIRIA.)

A control program of around the neutral point is different from firm ware version of earlier than Ver.4.1 (B10014.KYC).
Therefore, please do update in the condition that floated a tire on from the ground when update it from firm ware before Ver.4.1. Because the neutral points move by update, and a motor may begin rotating at low speed. Please change initial setting of throttle position after update completion by all means. *See Page 6 on AIRIA instruction manual.

After Ver.4.1 (B10014.), Special throttle control program was added for preventing the outbreak of the over current by sudden changes from reverse to moving forward.
It relieves a burden to Drive gears, batteries and AIRIA.
See Detail. (You must read here)

In the case of use TAO, please install firmware Ver.3.1 for exclusive use of TAO mentioned above.

  • For TAO II
Ver.1.45 Ver.1.45 (Release Date, April 11, 2018) TAOU Download
mUpdate contents of Ver.1.45n
EThe motor rotation speed acquired by the data logger function can be displayed exceeding 100,000 rpm.
EIt has become possible to enlarge the settable value of the boost end rotation speed from g10,000rpm to 60,000rpmh to g10,000rpm to 100,000rpmh and to change the acceleration characteristic in the high speed to ultra high speed range more powerfully.
mUpdate contents of Ver.1.43n
E Firmware update to cope with parts replacement.
E Expanded the settable value of full brake power from 70% to 100% from 0% to 100%, making it possible to control braking according to the driving style and categories.
- A command to delete the saved pairing PIN code was added.

(When using XARVIS)
It is not necessary to update the firmware (software) of XARVIS due to the upgrade of TAO II this time.

(When using AIRIA)
Along with upgrading TAO II, please be sure to also update AIRIA (to Ver. 4.3 or later).
(If AIRIA has not been updated, additional functions of TAOU Ver.1.4 or later cannot be used)

attention when I update TAOII before Ver.1.2 to after Ver.1.3

You have to format SD Card after updating, Because a system is largely changed after Ver.1.3.

Then, all the user setting data which you saved so far are deleted.
Please write down necessary data on memo papers before a format. And enter data again after updating and formatting completion.

In addition, Because all the log data acquired by a data logger function are removed, please approve it beforehand. We are very sorry.

After ver 1.3., You don't have to format of the SD card.

We've added and improved the following function after Ver.1.2,

yData Loggerz
It allow you to display the numerical value change of running various data on a screen in real time.
The battery voltage, Motor RPM, Throttle position, ESC temperature, Motor temperature (at the time of temperature sensor OP15015 use for motors) and Vehicle speed.
Cf. [instruction manual (the latest edition) P.12 lower column]
Main display[Data Logger][REAL-TIME DATA][Decide data acquisition distance]Real time data display

yImprovement of the operabilityz
When changing each set point, It is possible by the high-speed rise and drop of the set point by continuing tapping left (◀) or right (►) of the wheel pad.
Cf. [instruction manual (the latest edition) P.4 upper column]

yNew feature additionz
It is able to set the time before ON/OFF and each function operating for sleep mode and automatic power off mode.
Mail display[Setting][Off Time Setting]
The latest edition of instruction manual.
  • For TAO
iFirm ware fits for both TACHYON and TACHYON AIRIAj
P00211.pkc Ver.2.2 (Release Date, September 25, 2013) TAO Download

Improved some performances.
As for this firmware, the following functions are deleted to support both "TACHYON" and "TACHYON AIRIA" ESC.
*IR thermometer
*Calendar Watch
*Stop Watch

iExclusive firmware for TACHYONj
A00111.PKC Ver.1.2 (Release Date, December 4, 2014) TAO Download

Only data link with TACHYON is possible
IR thermometer, Calendar Watch and Stop Watch function is available.

  • Setting flow chart of TAO
It is an operation manual after the update
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